Blue Flower

I am a PhD candidate in Ecological and Environmental Anthropology at Stanford University. I have a BS in Physics from Harvey Mudd College, with a Humanities and Social Sciences Concentration in Classical History. Topically, I focus on prehistoric and contemporary subsistence in island Southeast Asia and the Near East. Theoretically, I focus on human behavioral ecology (HBE), life life history theory, and various topics in behavioral economics, such time discounting and risk. Methodologically, I focus on remote sensing, mathematical and computer modeling, and digital archaeology. I am the technical director of excavations at the roughly 10,000 years old Pre-Pottery Neolithic site of el Hemmeh in Jordan. Dr. Cheryl Makarewicz of Kiel University is the overall director of excavations at el Hemmeh. My dissertation field work in eastern Indonesia explores how risk, production delays, and other factors influence subsistence decisions in a traditional setting where swidden horticulture, sago exploitation, hunting, and fishing all make significant contributions to the diet. Please see my CV for more details.